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  Artist: Vincent Joseph Eudovic

Born at Babonneau on the 15th of April 1942, Vincent Joseph Eudovic at the age of ten was a student at the Gros Islet Primary School.  He started sculpturing at a very young age and competed in his first exhibition when he was just 12 years old.  His sculpture named “Ali Baba” won first prize, which was fifteen dollars. From then on, Eudovic was set in his vocation and at the end of his schooling, migrated to Trinidad, where he became a protégé of famed artist Ricardo Vincenté.  There, he continued his studies in sculpturing for a period of ten years. During this time he competed at various exhibitions and won several prizes.

  Artist: Jallim Eudovic

Jallim Eudovic has been a confirmed artist from the tender age of five. A prodigy in every essence of the word, Jallim has a natural affinity for the arts but as he proudly admits, his father and famed St.Lucian sculptor, Vincent Joseph Eudovic has been his greatest mentor. Though his first love is sculpting, Jallim is receptive to all genres of art which includes painting and the literary arts to name a few.

  Artist: Earl Claude Joseph

Earl Claude Joseph was brought to Eudovic’s art studio in 1989 and introduced to master sculptor Joseph Eudovic at the tender age of fourteen, to be trained in the art of sculpting. In Earl’s words he felt stressed at home and was not able to concentrate in school, so with the permission of his mother he dropped out of school and decided that he wanted to contribute to his household. His mom has ten children of which he is the fourth and everyday living was struggle.

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