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Jallim Eudovic
Date of Birth:
December 6, 1980

St. Lucian

Length of Service:
11 years

Jallim Eudovic has been a confirmed artist from the tender age of five. A prodigy in every essence of the word, Jallim has a natural affinity for the arts but as he proudly admits, his father and famed St.Lucian sculptor, Vincent Joseph Eudovic has been his greatest mentor.

Though his first love is sculpting, Jallim is receptive to all genres of art, including painting and the literary arts to name a few. With an unbridled passion, deep social and cultural conscience, thought provoking and awe-inspiring style, it is no wonder that thisyoung artist has acquired international acclaim for his work.

So far Jallim has held exhibitions in Paris, Ottawa, Africa, China, Martinique and England. However, his greatest achievement to date occurred when he was commissioned by the Chinese Government to create a monumental bronze sculpture for the Changchun International Sculpture Park in China, the world’s biggest sculpture park. His sculpture “Nature” was so impressive and well received by the Directors of the Park, that they commissioned him to create a second sculpture for Changchun Urban Sculpture Museum”, China’s largest urban sculpture museum.

He was also re-invited to China subsequent to his return to St. Lucia to create another monumental sculpture, this time for the Changchun Automotive Park, a park when completed will celebrate the automobile from past to present and will also be the largest of its kind in the world.

Jallim can be found working daily on his next masterpiece at the internationally renowned Eudovic’s Art Studio in Goodlands, Castries, St.Lucia ; a must-stop on a tour of St. Lucia. He can also be contacted via his web site http://www.jallimeudovic.com.

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