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Earl Claude Joseph
Date of Birth:

St. Lucian

Length of Service:
12 years

Earl Claude Joseph was brought to Eudovic’s art studio in 1989 and introduced to master sculptor Joseph Eudovic at the tender age of fourteen, to be trained in the art of sculpting. In Earl’s words he felt stressed at home and was not able to concentrate in school, so with the permission of his mother he dropped out of school and decided that he wanted to contribute to his household. His mom has ten children of which he is the fourth and everyday living was struggle.

Earl believes that his training in art has given him the opportunity to do some introspection and that through his creations he has been able to achieve faith, self confidence, love and respect for life. According to Earl, “Working with wood is a natural, soothing and spiritual medium, very challenging but a labor of love.”

He has now been with Eudovic’s art studio for over twelve years, and with the experience he has gained, his dream is to open his own art studio one day. Earl believes that with his talent and new found confidence he can achieve anything his heart desires.

Now at the age of twenty-six, he has started on a new path with his partner, Kim, and six month old baby boy.  He says simply, “life is blessed, it has it’s ups and downs, but I am happy.”

Earl finds pleasure when visitors to the studio express appreciation towards his creations and purchase his finished pieces, which can be found in the gallery. According to Earl, “my drive to create comes from my customers; it gives me the zest to keep on working.”

You can meet with Earl here at our studio creating unique pieces in the workshop, have a chat or take snap shots to bring home with you. You may also send any questions you have to Earl through our website. He will be happy to hear from you.

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