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EUDOVIC’S ART STUDIO was established in 1975. This was a time when the banana industry was the main stay of the island of St. Lucia; a time when tourism was a far second industry and the Cunard cruise ship was about the only tourist ship coming into the island about once a month. St. Lucia was still a colony of Britain and we were just a budding state.

Joseph Eudovic was already well known as the Caribbean’s leading wood sculptor and teacher of arts and craft, working for the government of St. Lucia. He boldly decided to open his art gallery, workshop and studio to visitors to the island, and to sell his works locally and internationally. He was of course the epitomy of the starving artist. But thirty-five years later, at Eudovic’s Art Studio still situated at Goodlands, Castries, he has welcomed over a million visitors and has carved out a living successfully for Eudovic and his family of seven as well as hundreds of young St. Lucians who have been in his employ as wood sculptors, craft artisans, tour guides and more.

All woodwork created at our studio is unique, as every piece is carved by hand. The woods used are of the best quality and last more than a lifetime, and the finish is absolutely splendid, for the appreciation of all art lovers. Our works can be founds in homes all over the globe, in museums, officials, offices of heads of states and businesses worldwide.

Our promise to visitors to our studio and our site is impeccable customer service, a great product and trustworthy staff and management. Please browse through our site and communicate with us. We personally pack and ship our pieces with a dependable express company out of St. Lucia, directly to you.

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