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Vincent Joseph Eudovic... “is one of the Caribbean’s most revered sculptors and his magnificent abstract art is internationally renowned…”

Vincent Joseph Eudovic

Vincent Joseph Eudovic has been carving wood longer than anyone else on the island of St.Lucia and has established himself as St. Lucia’s leading sculptor.  He started sculpting at a very young age, competing in his first exhibition atthe tender age of twelve. From then on, Eudovic was set in his vocation, and to date has made a significant contribution to the art form through the training of a number of highly talented young men.

Eudovic uses local woods for his abstract carvings, and since no two roots are the same, every single sculpture is unique and different. The main wood he uses is Laurier Canelle, which is now extinct on the island; but he uses the old stumps and uncovered roots which are usually found deep in the forest. Laurier Canelle has a remarkable beauty which one can see after a sculpture has been completed.  It is also very durable.  Other woods used are Mahogany, Teak, Laurier Mabouey and red and white Cedar.

At his studio on the Morne, you can see his magnificent pieces on display - pieces that beg to be touched.

New Spacious Art Gallery to be Opened Soon

Eudovic’s Art Studio is now completing the finishing touches on our new spacious Art Gallery, to accomodate you the visitor to our art studio in St. Lucia.

This gallery will better show off our larger modern abstracts and surrealistic pieces as well as our traditional masks and plaques for your appreciation.

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